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  • ZeniThink Z102 ZePad Android 2.3 Tablet - 10.2 Inch Cortex-A9 1GHz GPS 3G WIFI HDMI Camera
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ZeniThink Z102 ZePad Android 2.3 Tablet - 10.2 Inch Cortex-A9 1GHz GPS 3G WIFI HDMI Camera

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      Buy Cheap ZeniThink Z102 Android 2.3 Tablet ZePad - 10.2 Inch Cortex-A9 1GHz GPS 3G WIFI HDMI Camera + Free Shipping Worldwide!

      ZeniThink ZePad Z102 A9 Android 2.3 Tablet

      ZeniThink Z102 ZePad, the lastest Zenithink company's new idea product with the same design with flytouch 3 tablet. Compared with flytouch 3 tablet, the android 2.3 Z102 tablet equipped with Cortex A9 processor instead of Infotmic X220, supports two points touch screen instead of the single touch, fairly responsive.

      For those who believe that bigger is better and more clear to view the display content, then the amazing 10.2 Inch Zenithink Z102 Zepad could be the best Android 2.3 touch screen tablet that you’ve been waiting for. This Zepad tablet laptop comes with built-in 4GB, supports up to 32GB via inserting TF Card that means it allows you to loaded lots of files, music and movies on the device to entertained you with whenever you like.

      The Z102 Zepad pre-installed the android 2.3 OS, it is ready for you to get access to the android market to search and download tons of apps. The portable 10.2 inch android tablet not only supports Wi-Fi connectivity,  but also 3G capability via the external 3G USB dongle, allowing you to work or entertain on it anywhere anytime, besides, with an excellent user interface (UI) which bring a great end-user using experience.

      When connecting Wi-Fi, everything is so great, which allow you  to connect to the world wide network immediately! With the WIFI connected, you can use the google map easily, guide you the way by the finger tips. Keep contact with the friends instantly through Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Watch the online video, such as youtube.

      ZeniThink Z102 Android 2.3 Tablet ZePad w/ HDMI

      ZePad Z102 Main Features:

      • Screen: 10.2 inch Full Touch High Resolution TFT [1024 x 600], 2-Points Resistive Touch Screen
      • CPU: AMLogic CORTEX-A9 processor @ 1GHz
      • OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
      • Internal Memory: 512MB
      • Storage: 4GB Nand Fast Flash
      • GPS + WIFI + 3G + HDMI
      • Video: Support HD 1080P
      • Official Android Market

      ZeniThink Z102 ZePad 10.2 Inch Cortex-A9 1GHz w/ GPS

      Configurations Comparison ZeniThink Z101 vs. FlyTouch 3

      Model Name ZeniThink Z102 FlyTouch 3
      CPU Cortex A9 Infotmic X220
      CPU Speed 1GHz 1GHz
      Internal Memory 512MB 512MB
      Capacity 4GB 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
      Screen 10.2 inch 2-Point Resistive Touch 10.2 inch Single Point Resistive Touch
      Resolution 1024 * 600 1024 * 600
      Battery 7000mAh 6400mAh
      Camera 1.3MP front-facing 1.3MP front-facing
      Video Chat on Skype Yes No
      HDMI 1080P 1080P
      Ports 1 x USB 2.0 Host Port
      1 x USB 2.0 Device Port
      1 x MicroSD TF-Card Slot 
      1 x MINI HDMI OutPut
      1 x DC In
      1 x Earphone Jack
      1 x Internet Port
      1 x USB 2.0 Host Port
      1 x USB 2.0 Device Port
      1 x MicroSD TF-Card Slot 
      1 x MINI HDMI OutPut
      1 x DC In
      1 x Earphone Jack
      1 x Internet Port

      ZeniThink Z102 ZePad Specification:

      Z102 ZePad Hardware Configurations and Performance:
      Model ZeniThink Z102
      FSB 1GHz
      Memory DDR 512MB
      NandFlash 4GB-32GB (standard configuration: 4GB)
      Extended TF card, U disk
      GPS Build-in
      Antenna External
      LCD display 10.2 inch TFT Highlight display, 1024 * 600
      Internet Built-in Ethernet
      support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g,
      Extend 3G Dongle
      camera Built-in 1.3MP camera
      I/O ports

      1 x USB 2.0 Host Port
      1 x USB 2.0 Device Port
      1 x MicroSD TF-Card Slot
      1 x MINI HDMI OutPut
      1 x DC In
      1 x Earphone Jack
      1 x Internet Port

      Touch screen 2-points resistive touch screen (pinch-to-zoom)
      2-points touch does not support for gaming
      Audio Built in stereo speakers 1w*2 Built-in mono recorder
      LED indicators Power; charging
      Key-press Power on /off, menu , back , home
      Max battery time Wi-Fi on: 4 hours
      Power adapter 220V Input 9V DC Output ,2A
      Battery Polymer lithium ion, 7000mAH
      Product dimension 270mm × 170mm × 16mm
      Product Weight 0.71kg
      Z102 ZePad Software Capacity:
      OS Android 2.3 OS (Have Upgraded to Android 4.O OS)
      Office Word viewer
      Excel Viewer
      PowerPoint Viewer
      PDF Viewer
      Image Viewer
      Messengers QQ, MSN
      Audio MP3 playing
      WAV playing
      WMA playing
      AAC, AAC+ playing WAV, WMA  recording
      Video H.264: 1080PMPEG4/2/1 DIVX & XVID: 1080P
      REAL: RMVB & RM 720P Remark: full HD video
      Image JPEG image
      GIF image
      Games Playing cards, angry birds, etc.
      Languages Support multi-language

      ZeniThink Z102 Main Package:

      • 1 x 10.2 inch ZeniThink Z102 A9 Android 2.3 Tablet
      • 1 x User manual
      • 1 x Charger
      • 1 x ZePad Z102 GPS Antenna

      There are some Tablet Accessories for ZeniThink Z102 Cortex-A9 Android 2.3 Tablet !

       10.2'' APad Protective Leather Case with Smooth Keyboard

      Product Reviews:

         Gifts, January 10, 2012
        Hi! I\'ve just ordered this one. I just want to ask if the free gifts will be packed also? (Buy Any Tablet PC Freely Get the Robot Reader + Screen Protector + Touchpen + Sleeve Pouch) Thx.
          Reply by
          Thanks, they will be packed.
         Android 3.0, January 8, 2012
        Hi! I\'d like to buy one of it in the following days. Can you tell me if it comes with Android 3.0 or with the older version? (2.3)
          Reply by
          Dear terasz, c91 zt280 comes with android 2.3 OS temporary. Thanks.
         z102 or C91 ?, December 27, 2011
        Which one is better ? Z102 or C91 . I`m really wondering which one to get.
          Reply by
          Dear Chris, ZeniThink Z102 is resistive screen while c91 is capacitive multi-touch screen, and Z102 has GPS. They adopt the same scheme, so there is no other difference. Hope you like our products and enjoy shopping here.
         Z102, December 24, 2011
        i recieved my is single point touch ur description it is written tht it is two point touch,i face the prblm while playing games coz i cant press the two keys there any upgrade for the device to make it two point touch from single touch,
          Reply by
          Dear muhammad,
          We are sorry, z102 is single ponint touch in games as it\'s resistive touch screen. Thanks.
         question, December 22, 2011
        to Mexico or EU country takes less time to arrive and sending as many days
         NandFlash, December 20, 2011
        Does this tablet come with 8GB buit-in memory? And if yes,what should i do to get 8GB built-in when you send it to me?
          Reply by
          Dear makis,
          C91 tablet comes with 512MB RAM, 8GB ROM. Thanks.
         hebrew soport, December 15, 2011
        1) How the GPS works in other countries such as Israel? 2) Does the device support in Hebrew Language? Thank you.
          Reply by
          Dear Shmuel,
          ZeniThink Z102 support GPS Navigator function if you install the navigation software (local map) in the tablet.
          ZeniThink Z102 support hebrew language. Thanks.
         tablet weight, December 11, 2011
        Hi could please tell the weight of this tablet.
          Reply by
          Dear Young,
          The net weight of ZeniThink Z102 is 0.71kg. Thanks
         zenithink Z102, December 8, 2011
        can zenithink Z102 be upgraded to multitouch as it has two point is very difficult to play games on it with two point touch
          Reply by
          Dear muhammad,
          Z102 has two point touch only. We hope you can understand. Thanks.
         zenithink zt 102, December 6, 2011
        на zenithink zt 102 работает внутренний GPS? или надо подключать внешнию антену? у меня работает только с внешней. что надо зделать?
          Reply by
          Dear gladychev,
          GPS может работать без внешней антенны, так как антенна увеличивает сигнал.
         GPS, December 3, 2011
        как и где включить gps у ZeniThink Z102 ?
          Reply by
          Вы можете просто купить GPS в вашей стране карт для установки на этот планшет.
         slovak language, December 1, 2011
        Hello, does Z102 support slovak (slovensky, slovencina) language? Thx.
          Reply by
          Dear Richard,
          ZeniThink Z10 A9 tablet supports slovensky language, Thanks.
         Battery, December 1, 2011
        Hello, this tablet can not be equipped with a more powerfull battery like 8000 mah instead of this poorest 4000 mah????
          Reply by
          Dear Adrian,
          It does not support what you mentioned temporary. Hope you can understand. Thanks.
         zenithink Z102, November 30, 2011
        how can i connect the tablet with my computer ? is there any device for connecting Z102 with the computer ?
          Reply by
          Dear muhammad,
          Connect both end of usb in pc and in the switched off ZeniThink Z102.
         ZeniThink Z102, November 28, 2011
        Hi, Does the Z102 support Java please? Also if I upgrade to the C91 what would be the biggest improvements I would enjoy?
          Reply by
          Dear Ken Rose,
          ZeniThink Z102 is Resistive Touch Screen, but C91 is Capacitive Touch Screen.
         flash 10.1, November 19, 2011
        Is it compatible and plays flash 10.2?
          Reply by
          ZeniThink Z102 can support Flash 10.2. Thanks.
         zenithink Z102, November 19, 2011
        can zenithink Z102 run the games which work on samsung galaxy tab 10.1 ? are the games for android mobiles are the same for android tabs?android mobile games can work on android tab ?
          Reply by
          ZeniThink Z102 can run games from the android market suitable for tablets. Thanks.
         few questions Pls, November 18, 2011
        Zenithink z102 and zenithink c91 both have a 4000 mAh battery, and flytouch 3/4/5 have 6400 mAh, doesn\'t that mean that the battery is better on the flytouch even though they all say around the same battery life and the Zenithinks more expensive? also what are the versions of flash for these devices? and what \"arm\" are they like arm 11? and which device has the best sound and resolution? pls explain! thanks.
          Reply by
          ZeniThink C91 will be better than Z102, FlyTouch 3/4/5. Because the CPU is Cortex A9 and equipped with multi-points capacitive touch screen. It also have a good battery life. It\'s not just see the batter life is 6400mAh or 4000mAh because different product battery is not the same. Thanks.
         Zenithink Z102, November 15, 2011
        Hello, Are you 100% shure that the Z102 support video chat on skype ? Thanks, Thierry.
          Reply by
          Dear Thierry, We make sure Z102 can support video chat online on skype. Thanks.
         Bluetooth for ZeniThink Z102, November 12, 2011
        Hi, Is there any away of adding Bluetooth to the Z102. Will it recognise a standard USB Bluetooth Dongle? Thanks. Rgds, Dave
          Reply by
          Dear Dave,
          ZeniThink Z102 can not support external Bluetooth. Thanks.
         flash player, November 12, 2011
        Hi this item seems perfect for my son but i was wondering does it have a flash player?
          Reply by
          Dear Dean,
          ZeniThink Z102 can support flash online and you can download Flash player from android marker. Thanks.
         zenithink Z102, November 6, 2011
        there are some products on the site where on the item is witten sold...i ordered zenithink Z102 yesterday but there is not written sold on this item ? is there any problem with purchasing it ?
          Reply by
          Dear Muhammad,
          We check your order, it shows that you do not purchase the item successfully. Please check your Paypal account information. If you make sure your Paypal account information is correct. Please inform us the Paypal account email address, and we can find the solution soon. Thanks.
         Battery life, November 1, 2011
        Hello, what\'s the battery life ? how did you measure it(full luminosity ? playing a movie ? use wireless, or use GPS)
          Reply by
          Dear Mitrovic,
          ZeniThink Z102 has built-in 4000mAh battery capacity. We can find the battery test software \"Battery Monitor Widget\" from android market. It usually can works 3-5 hours when the battery is full. WIFI can use approx 4 hours. Thanks.

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