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Dual-Core Tablet Times! Amlogic AML8726-MX, Rockchip RK3066 Coming

Tablet market is changing fast, from VIA 8650 to Dual Core Cortex-A9 just takes about 1 year. Now from the chip company, we have known the Amlogic and Rockchip will release their dual core chip. The chip maker Amlogic is just now introducing its first dual core processor, which is still kind of a big deal since Amlogic’s low power processors are found in a number of low power Chinese tablets including the Zenithink C91 that’s the basis for the open source Linux-based tablet.

Amlogic has been a leading supplier to the advanced application processor market for many years; the AML8726-MX reconfirms the company’s position. This new family of dual-core products includes advanced technology, such as ARM TrustZone® security technology and NEON™ SIMD technology to provide enhanced security, gaming, image and audio processing. During their development, a close cooperation with its partners allowed Amlogic’s engineers to design a hardened Cortex-A9 processor-based SoC operating at speeds above 1.5GHz while using a 40nm low power process. The AML8726-MX family provides Amlogic’s customers with one of the industry’s most cost effective yet highest performance solutions.


Highlights of the AML8726-MX family include:

  • A dual-core Cortex-A9 processor achieving over 7500 DMIPS of performance
  • Direct to panel connection with advanced scaling, de-interlacing and picture quality enhancement
  • Industry leading power management technology to extend battery life in mobile applications
  • The ability to run Android 4.0 (ICS), Linux 3.X, OpenGL ES 2.0

Rockchip announced the RK3066 processor featuring a dual core Cortex A9 with a quad-core Mali-400 GPU and the company is currently showcasing tablets, e-Readers and set-top boxes powered by RK3066 at Hong Kong Electronics Fair on 13-16 April, 2012.


Rockchip RK 3066 Features:

  • Dual Core A9 + Quad Core GPU
  • 2 banks, 8/16 bit Nor flash / SRAM interface
  • 8 banks, 8/16 bit async NAND flash, LBA NAND flash and 8-bit sync ONFI NAND flash, all up to 60-bit hardware ECC
  • 2 GB space for 2 ranks, 16-bit / 32-bit DDR3-800, LPDDR2-800 and LVDDR3-800
  • 3 channels SD/MMC interface to support MMC 4.1 and SD3.0
  • 2 channels TFT LCD interface with 5 layers and 3D display with resolution up to 1920×1080
  • HDMI 1.4 to support 1080p@30 3D video
  • 2 channels 8-bit CCiR656 interface and 10-bit/12-bit raw data interface
  • Audio interfaces: 2 x 2ch I2S/PCM, 1 x 8ch I2S/PCM interface and SPDIF interface
  • 1x USB OTG 2.0 interface and 1x USB 2.0 Host interface
  • 10/100M RMII interface
  • High-speed ADC interface and TS stream interface
  • Peripheral I/F: 5x I2C, 4x UART, 2x SPI and 4x PWM.

Upcoming China Tablet with Dual-Core Tablet list:

1. Ramos Dual core tablet: RAMOS W17 PRO, RAMOS W13 PRO, RAMOS W22 PRO


Ramos released the three dual-core Tablet PC (W13pro (8-inch 1024 × 768 resolution); W17pro (1,024 × 600 resolution glare glare touch screen); W22pro is the IPS screen design with 9.7-inch 1,024 x 768 resolution. As for the Tablet PC systems, all use original Android 4.0 ICS OS,W17pro will be the first lanuched.), all of them are using the Amlogic AML8726-the MX processor, speeds up to 1.5GHz, use 1GB of DDR3 memory. This dual-core processor chips are based on the ARM Cortex A9 dual-core and high-frequency version of the dual-core Mali400 GPU.

2. Zenithink N71 Dual Core Cortex-A9 Tablet PC


The Zenithink will release a new great tablet N71 which is Dual Core Tablet. It is said N71 use the ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 which is based on Cortex-A9 MPCore with a 7 ” capacitive HD touch screen. The dual core cpu speed at 1.0GHz, also with the Mali-400MP GPU. N71 has Built-in 3G support 3G sim card making a call, and more, sopport GSM cell phone function,  GPS, Bluetooth, Dual Camera etc.

3. Window YuanDao N90 Dual Core RK3066 Tablet PC


Window(Yuandao)  will release a  Dual Core Tablet which use the cpu RK3066 based on the Cortex-A9: Dual CPU+ Quad GPU. Dual core CPU can overclock max to 1.5GHz, Quad GPU Mali400 supporting OpenGLES2.0/1.1 and OpenVG1.1,that do great to 3D game and video. And more it is said that support Flashplayer 11 with Android 4.0 OS.

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